Ssh: connect to host port 22: Network is unreachable

git commands via ssh console

  • I’m using a ssh-console for acting with gitlab e.g. Cygwin. Sometimes (once a day) the ssh connection breaks down and git cannot fetch nor push. The console shows the message: “ssh: connect to host port 22: Network is unreachable”
  • The companies firewall logs tells, that there was no access on TCPIP Port 22 (SSH). Is there another port in use for connecting to gitlab?
  • The time, the logintime, workingtime when it occurs is different: e.g. 09.06.2020 08:40, 10.06.2020 10:07, 10.06.2020 15:47, 11.06.2020 11:55, 12.06.2020 10:39
  • we still are using Windows8.1 :frowning:
  • most of time all working fine. if this error occurs, I just restart my PC and everything works again.