SSH Git Connection Failing, Switching to HTTPS (Omnibus Install)

We have installed a copy of Community Edition onto a Google Cloud Compute server (Debian 8) using the Omnibus package install method ( ) - and we can’t seem to get SSH connections to resolve properly through git.

We have added the SSH keys, and they appear in the authorized_keys file for the git user. We have also checked to make sure our openssh installation on our personal machines are using the private key associated with those keys - however, whenever we try to connect, it seems to be unable to connect via SSH and instead opts for HTTPS, which requires a username and password.

I feel like we’ve set everything up correctly, but no changes we make seem to resolve the issue. Was wondering if there is another common mistake that is made that might be the culprit!

Thank you!

Figured it out - so, normal pulls and pushes work fine over SSH - I was having problems only with LFS connections - it appears that (according to docs) LFS only works over HTTPS currently. Missed that in the documentation.