SSH key and git repository on same drive for different users

I’m relatively new to GIT and we’re trying to set the correct environment on our virtual system. Since we do not have personal hard drives we are forced to have our repository and ssh authentification data on the same hard drive.

Is there a way to configure GIT that every user has a separate main repository ("E:\Projects\GIT\ username ") where the personal SSH key, the git repository and everything else related to the functioning of git is stored?**

How do we set the path variables, homes etc. so that everytime a user starts his R terminal (we’re programming with R and RStudio) the authentification succeeds in the respective folder? The use of the standard paths like “C:\Users\username\Documents” is not possible since C drive is wiped with each logout.

The content of the abovementioned “personal” folder should basically contain the following files (example):

  • .ssh
  • Projects
  • .bash_history
  • .gitconfig
  • .Rhistory
    and other necessary files.

Looking forward to your responses.