Ssh key expiration date "ALL TIERSSELF-MANAGED" possible?

is there a possiblilty to enforce the expiration date on ssh keys in GitLab without “Ultimate licence”?
Will the ssh keys expire when the date is set without “Ultimate licence”?
The GitLab Documentation is verry unclear about that.

From Docu: GitLab 14.0 and later, the expiration date is enforced. Administrators can [allow expired keys to be used]

(Account and limit settings | GitLab).
This is referred to: Allow expired SSH keys to be used [ULTIMATE - SELF-MANAGED]


An expiry date can be set against an SSH key, but this is not enforceable in Gitlab free from what I see. I checked my own installation, and in the Admin section the option to enforce ssh key expiration doesn’t exist (not visible).

Therefore, whilst the user can set an expiry date, it’s not mandatory. They can also upload an SSH key and decide not to set an expiry date.