Ssh key not working

Hello everyone.

I added a new ssh key after the last time upgrade to gitlab (12.9.0-ee), then the pull/push/clone operations are asking me to input the password for

It confused me that the ssh keys added before the last upgrade are good working, why are the new SSH keys not working?

It can be confirmed that the file is matched with SSH Keys in Gitlab, and there are no changes except the Gitlab upgrade in my server.

How can I solve this problem? Thanks

I found the .ssh/authroized_keys in gitlab path, this file is modified before the last upgrade (Feb. 2), seemed like the ssh key not add to gitlab successfully, is it a bug?


I’m facing the same problem.

I can confirm that new SSH keys were correctly added to \var\opt\gitlab.ssh\authorized_keys in gitlab 12.8.7-ee. If I use gitlab 12.9.0-ee to add a new key in the web interface, the authorized_keys file is not updated (although the checkbox “Write to authorized_keys file” is checked).

So if I put the public key into the authorized_keys manually, whether it will fix this problem or probably cause other problems? :frowning:

alright, it can solve this problem but a stupid way…

The issue is known:

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can you share that solved-problem-way? :slight_smile: I’m facing this problem now :frowning: Yesterday I updated my ssh key and successfully add it to my company gitlab’s but it stop working from this morning.