SSH runner to z/OS


I’m using the self-managed Gitlab CE on my environment, trying to connect through SSH to a z/OS environment. I’ve setup a runner on my windows machine and can connect with credentials to my z/OS through SSH with no issue. However, the execution of a CI pipeline fails with the following output:

Preparing the “ssh” executor
Using SSH executor…
Preparing environment
$bash: FSUM7351 not found
Uploading artifacts for failed job
$bash: FSUM7351 not found
ERROR: Job failed: Process exited with status 127

It looks there are commands in the generated script that cannot run. Is there a way to dump the script dynamically generated to check its content ?

My pipeline is as follows:
- echo ‘Testing debug trace’

But no output trace is generated. I could run successfully the same SSH runner on a regular linux box. Any help appreciated !
Thanks a lot.