SSL Cert, not self signed, using a different cert authority than Letsencrypt

I’ve tried everything I can find in the various articles. But nothing I do seems to work.

I’ve tried uploading my cert and key in various different directories. Tried turning on / off https, setting letsencrypt[‘enable’] = false.

I see a lot of information on how to enable a cert from Letsencrypt, and then even more information on how to use a self signed cert, but not much on how to use a certification from an alternate authority. We’re a public education institution and get free certs from a InComm.

I can verify that the cert is authentic via the instructions available here but no matter of locating the cert files in any of the 3 mentioned locations seems to make any difference. It always shows up as a “Self Signed Cert”. Not sure where to go from here. Looking for any help anyone can offer.