SSO integration in gitlab ( oAuth & SAML ) Need setup for both how to do?

Am trying to setup SSO integration for gitlab using oAuth / SAML which i need detailed any info or videos for the same to login gitlab with single sign on.

If i logged in with one application same login has to work with gitlab and login wirhout providing credentials again for gitlab.

Please give us more information regarding your Ouath2/SAML provider/identity. There are a lot details/KA by Gitlab. You can use several identities for login SSO/LDAP or local users.

I used below code to enable openid connect and we are able to see openid connect link to login which we are getting below exception.

Could not authenticate you from OpenIDConnect because “Ssl connect returned=1 errno=0 peeraddr= state=error: wrong version number”.

I used below code in gitlab.rb file for openid connect sso integration and getting above shared error .

Please help me to resolve the same asap.

gitlab_rails[‘omniauth_providers’] = [


name: "openid_connect", # do not change this parameter

label: "openID Connect", # optional label for login button, defaults to "Openid Connect"

icon: "/etc/gitlab/openIDConnect.png",

args: {

  name: "openid_connect",

  scope: ["openid","profile","email"],

  response_type: "code",

  issuer: "",

  discovery: true,

  client_auth_method: "query",

  uid_field: "sub",

  send_scope_to_token_endpoint: "false",

  pkce: true,

  client_options: {

identifier: “”,

secret: “2hioVOoYz7KHBnwCm0mK08odpFUtwc”,

    secret: "2hioVOoYz7KHBnwCm0mK08odpFUtwc",

    identifier: "CvF99CgWEH7nOJm6pZ3i",

    authorization_endpoint: "",

    token_endpoint: "",

    userinfo_endpoint: "",

    redirect_uri: ""





This is the new error .

Could not authenticate you from OpenIDConnect because “Request uri must have schema. possibly add ‘http://’ to the request uri?”.