Start an OSPO in 10 minutes using GitLab

Today on the GitLab blog, we’ve published a new piece from community member Boris Baldassari. In Start an open source center of excellence in 10 minutes using GitLab, Boris explains how to use the open source MyGGI project to launch an open source program office in your organization. From the article:

Formed in 2021, the OSPO Alliance connects experienced open source practitioners with organizations in need of seasoned guides to the open source world. Since the organization’s founding, its members have composed a corpus of best open source practices called the Good Governance Initiative Handbook, which explores various legal, cultural, and strategic considerations organizations face when working with open source software (and, naturally, the handbook itself is openly licensed, so anyone can contribute to it).

To celebrate the launch of the GGI Handbook Version 1.1, the OSPO Alliance went a step further: We have released the MyGGI project, which allows organizations to quickly create the infrastructure for their own open source program offices using GitLab.

Now, let’s look at what the MyGGI project can help your organization accomplish, including how to use the tool to establish an OSPO built on GGI principles — in only 10 minutes.

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