Status Code 308: Sending request to API through gitlab-ci


I’m using on version Enterprise Edition 14.9.0-pre aaa23f2dbf9.

I created a project access token so I can open the MR through the API in gitlab-ci, but I’m getting the result 308.

Command Curl in gitlab-ci:
curl --verbose -o resposta.json -X POST -H "PRIVATE-TOKEN: ${CI_PUSH_TOKEN}" -d "'${MR_DATA}'"${CI_PROJECT_ID}/merge_requests

And when I take the CURL instruction and run it through my machine it opens MR.
Log pipeline:

HTTP status code 308 means “permanent redirect”. I believe you’re seeing this because you’re using as the base URL instead of

Can you remove the www. from the URL you’re using and verify if you still see a 308 status code?