Status of background migrations

I’ve taken over the responsibility for a gitlab server, that was already a few versions behind when I got it, and I haven’t had the time to look at it before now. In short we’re running 10.3.9 (because I upgraded from 10.3.6 earlier today) and need to get up to 11. (as far as I’ve understood 11.1 should be out in three days). I’ll also like to do the upgrades with as little downtime as possible (even though it’s vacation season, there are still people using our gitlab every day), luckily that should be possible ( - we have a license and are running ee), but that page also says “we recommend users to keep at least 1 week between upgrading major/minor releases, allowing the background migrations to finish.”, if I am to keep with that it will take a 8 weeks before we get to 11.2 (which will be out then, and 11.3 will be close). Is it possible to check the status of any background migrations to know if it’s safe to start then next upgrade step, so I might get through this in less time? (Already planning to add a recurring task to out task management system to do the upgrades regularly)

I found something under “Admin Area”/“Monitoring”/“Background Jobs”, showing the command “sidekiq 5.0.5 gitlab-rails” is that related to the upgrade I did/started with apt earlier today?

It’s actually in the release announcement for 10.4, start a rails console and run'background_migration').size.