Stopped receiving notification emails after mailbox was temporarily full

Last week my inbox reached its size limit and for a period of an hour or so, my incoming emails bounced. I cleared out my inbox and am receiving emails again now in general, but my notifications from Gitlab never resumed. My theory is that a bounced notification email may have caused Gitlab to blacklist my email address. How can I let Gitlab know that the problem is resolved, and that they can resume sending notification emails?

All of the notification settings for my account and projects look the same as they did before the problem started, and the email settings for my account show my email address as “verified.” Is there a way to “re-verify,” or anything else I can do?

I added a different email address in my User Settings -> Email, and received a verification email to this new address. I was then able to set that new email address as my commit email in User Settings -> Profile. I do receive Gitlab notification emails sent to this new email address. I tried deleting my old email address in User Settings -> Email and re-adding it, but the verification email does not arrive in my inbox. I’d really like to find a way to use my old email, as it’s my work email and would be more appropriate than using my personal email address.