Strange behavior after update to 15.10.0-ce

We are using self-managed gitlab docker in our company for many years. The last month we have noticed a strange behavior in Gitlab UI and it’s not a specific pattern.

For example, some of the issues:

  • Sometimes, when creating an issue and submit it, I get Error 422 and after 2-3 times it works.
  • New comments in issues do not appear.
  • Editing an issue appears the change for some seconds and then it disappears.
  • Creating a MR sometime gives error 422
  • In homepage, sometimes a see a proposed MR which is not valid anymore
  • In a specific project when i click it i get redirected to home page.
  • Issues board somtime is empty.

When I use incognito, the behavior is normal in the beginning, e.g. I can see my previous actions and later I have the same problems.

The mainly browser I use is Google Chrome.

Now, we use docker image gitlab/gitlab-ce:15.10.2-ce.0