Strategy migrating from 12.10 to 14.1

Hi everyone,

I plan to migrate my self hosted GitLab 12.10 instance to 14.1 and would like (of course) to avoid data loss.

I have GitLab runners too.

What might be a good strategy to migrate correctly and what breaking change should I be aware of?

Should I migrate first to a 13.x version '?


You need to refer to the docs for the upgrade info:

12.10.14 -> 13.0.14 -> 13.1.11 -> latest 13.12.Z -> latest 14.0.Z -> 14.1.Z -> latest 14.Y.Z

you need to upgrade to each of those versions before going to 14.1.x. And make sure after each upgrade, that background migrations are zero before continuing the next upgrade.

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Thank you very much for these details and the link to the resource! I didn’t know that.

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