Students - Get Involved with GitLab with Student Spotlights!

Looking for an opportunity to have your work featured on and earn some GitLab Swag!?

I’m excited to share an opportunity for students to get involved with GitLab (and earn some sweet swag) with our Student Spotlights program!

This program was built to highlight awesome projects from students and professors who are using GitLab. We love to see the projects you create, and we want to help you share them with the world!

Here’s a quick breakdown of what involvement in the program looks like:

  1. :memo: Apply! Let us know how you’re using GitLab

  2. :spiral_calendar: Schedule an interview - we will reach out to find a time for a recorded video interview where we’ll chat and learn more about your projects

  3. :partying_face: Have your work featured on (and get your swag :heart_eyes:!)

If you’re interested in the program, or if you have any questions, feel free to tag either myself @slee24 or @chupy here, or send us an email at!

We can’t wait to see the work you’re doing with GitLab!