Subgroup membership management (cannot manage subgroup members in 'private' mode due to inheritance

cannot manage subgroup members in ‘private’ mode due to inheritance

I want to use subgroups to target a number of people (teams), so that I can mention them on tickets.
To achieve this, I use the following configuration:

  • I have a hierarchy of groups and all the people is a member of the parent group “organization”. The main parent group visibility is set to “private”.
  • For each team, I create a subgroup called “team_x” in the main parent group “organization”. Visibility is enforced to “private” due to inheritance.
  • I can add people to each “team_x” subgroups, which allows only the members of the subgroups to see the subgroups. That’s fine.
  • When I try to manage the members of a such a subgroup, I get the full list of the parent group members and cannot manage the members of the subgroup; in the “source” column, we clearly see that members comes from the parent group “organization”. It seems there’s an incoherence somewhere. However, people seems able to ‘Leave group’ for the subgroup, which is the only way I can remove them from the subgroup.

Am I doing something wrong?

Please advise.