Suggestions for migrating redmine forum/news content?


We are planning to migrate ~100’s of redmine projects into Gitlab. We’d like to move into Gitlab completely and avoid using things like Redmine integrations. For the most part, there seems to be at least rough translations for the things we used in Redmine such as ‘Target Version’ (Milestones), ‘Issues’ (issues), Wiki (wiki), Activity Feed (activity feed).

However, there doesn’t seem to be a good translation for redmine project news feed or forums. Has anyone had experiencing migrating this type of content? I’ve seen some feature requests for this type of thing in the past (i.e. , ), and the general consensus seems to be that discussion forums could be implemented using gitlab issues.

Has anyone had any experience migrating this type of content? I have experimented a bit some with using special issue labels and a custom board, seems like that may work albeit it feels a bit more like a workaround and may get sloppy/inconsistent as we attempt to implement across many different projects.

Thanks in advance for your reply!