SVN to Gitlab Migration Process

Hi Team,

We are thinking to migrate entire SVN data to GitLab and so many projects and repositories are there in my svn tool but at a time all data how we can migrate.

So please suggest any document and plugin for this migration.


A few years ago I tested svn2git. It worked, but not always. I don’t remember exactly, but there was a problem if you hadn’t the “trunk” branch.

My suggestion: take the latest version(s) of your projects and import them to GitLab, without any history. Keep your SVN server alive in case you’ll need to have a look at some historic version.

More to read:,

Hi Alex,

I am following svn2git process but i got this below error.

" undefined local variable or method `stdin’ for #Svn2Git::Migration:0x0000563404427ac8 (NameError)
Did you mean? String "

Please provide any solution for this error.