Switching Accounts

I created my gitlab account with gsuite. I know that my company will be closing their gsuite and transferring to Microsoft as a replacement. What do I need to do to ensure I can log in to my current gitlab account after this transition is completed. I know that gsuite will delete my email and everything in it.

Second question if I can not log into my original account because gsuite was directly connected with that one how can i create an account with my Microsoft account just like how I did with gsuite. I like the added protection of the authentication via gsuite had and I want to know if that is possible with Microsoft.

Third question will my repos on gitlab be accessible to the new account if I need to create one with Microsoft? If not, then I need some how to keep my repos private as the contain sensitive data and still be able to access them with the new account. I would then need to give all permissions to the new account as a maintainer and so forth and remove any permissions to the old account.