Syncing the Gitlab CE Yum Repository

We are currently migrating from Spacewalk to Foreman and therefore configuring the Gitlab CE Yum repository in Foreman for EL7 x86_64(
We have been able to succesfully configure the repository, but during the first synchronisation we get a warning ‘pkgid’. I have therefore looked at the repomd.xml and following that at the mentioned filelists.xml.gz and found that this file says there are 0 packages in the repository and therefore had no references. Which is probably why the sync fails.
Is there anyone that could fix this?

Hi @MarcelW

I was not able to make this work either.

Foreman is using Pulp in the background for repository management.
Last time I checked (couple years back) Pulp does not support PackageCloud’s repositories in some cases. Here is the related Pulp issue.

If you get the same error like mentioned in the Pulp issue you are screwed. If you get different error it’s worth a try to raise new Pulp issue.

Hi @balonik ,
Thanks for getting back to me and providing me the links to the issues, in hose the issue at hand gets described and discussed very well indeed.
There clearly is a conflict of interest in strict vs loose and there is something to say for both.
Short term I will try to find a way to work around this, long term I will involve myself in the matter to see if we can find a solution from which the whole community benefits best.
Thanks again!