Synology gitlab 10.6.4-0051 upgrade db migration failed


The Synology Gitlab package is maintained by Gitlab according to the documentation.
The last upgrade mentions that the data will be migrated from MariaDB to Postgres automatically.
Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to work. Gitlab is now empty without any project.

It’s hard to say at the moment if all synology users are in the same situation but we are already a few.
Is there a way to manually migrate those data?
There’s a thread on the Synology forum as well.

Any help would be really appreciated.


Same issue here, I’ve opened a ticket with Synology support and they’ll jump into my NAS remotely and sort it out. I suggest you do the same but if they provide me with a reproducible solution I’ll post it here.

The package is maintained by Synology. I’ve opened a ticket and the problem has been fixed within the 24h. That’s always nice to see Synology support reactivity.