Taking ownership of a build trigger using the API in 12.1 and higher

Hi, I currently have a solution of triggering pipelines for projects using a home built CLI. During project creation we create a pipeline trigger, and before the pipeline is triggered, through the API the user triggering the pipeline takes ownership of the trigger so that it can be traced back to initiated the pipeline.

I’ve noticed in GitLab’s API Documentation in version 12.1 the take_ownership API endpoint still shows up in there, however my server is running 12.1.6 and when I dig into the help/documentation for that, the take_ownership endpoint no longer appears. This is also the case for the current master API documentation.

Is there still a way to change the owner of a pipeline trigger through the API in the most recent versions of GitLab without this endpoint?

I’ve tried to use the update endpoint, but no matter how I format the form-data I can’t seem to change the owner.

I’d just like to leave a breadcrumb for future generations.

There was an api in gitlab 11.10 that was no longer present in gitlab 11.11 and on. called

I found this out via loading up old gitlab docs after seeing this log line.

    • [09/Jul/2020:15:50:46 +0000] “POST /code/api/v4/projects/:id/triggers/:id/take_ownership HTTP/1.1” 404 25 “” “python-gitlab/2.2.0”