Terraform MR pipelines

I was looking at setting up a terraform repo and to use the state/pipeline stuff but im a bit confused from the docs.

The state works, and for the most part the pipelines work, however if i use the latest pipeline
template: Terraform.latest.gitlab-ci.yml
I’ve noticed that the MR pipeline is just the KICS pipeline, not even totally sure what that does. But the commit pipeline does the real work, fmt/validate and plan.
If i set the repo to have an MR require a successful pipeline, it only looks at the MR pipeline, not the commit pipeline. So the commit pipeline can fail for useful reasons, but the MR pipeline seems to pretty much always pass.

In looking at the docs they have specific to TF MR’s (Terraform integration in merge requests | GitLab) they give an example pipeline that doesnt use any of the templates they have.

What would be the correct way to set this up?