The git server, Gitaly, is not available at this time

Wondering if anyone has any experience with this particular issue, I’m having an issue with a repo hosted on, where the majority of functions aren’t working.

When I try to push to the repo I get this error.

error: RPC failed; HTTP 500 curl 22 The requested URL returned error: 500
fatal: the remote end hung up unexpectedly

In the Web UI if I click on the repository > branch page I get this error message:

Unable to load branches
The git server, Gitaly, is not available at this time. Please contact your administrator.

And in the majority of other pages I get more generic error messages:

There was an error fetching the pipelines. Try again in a few moments or contact your support team.

Anyone have advice on what to do here? I’d appreciate it

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Seems to be working fine for me right now, at least in the web browser anyway. Maybe it was a temporary issue? Or do you still have problems? Try running a VPN to change your location, or try in different location for example your Home/Office/Coffee shop to see if the problem follows.

Thanks for looking at it, It’s still an issue, it’s actually been an issue for almost a week now. All the guys working with me are having the same problem, just with this repo, all the other repos in our project are working fine. We’re a distributed team, so we’ve tested this from 3 different countries and the problem is consistent for all of us.

Maybe you might want to open an issue here: Issues · / GitLab · GitLab so that one of the Gitlab Devs can look at it and potentially fix it.