The 'gitlab-rails/uploads' folder grows with a lot of very old and large tar.gz files. Can I safely remove them?

I have a 14.5.2 gitlab-omnibus ce installed and I notice that my gitlab-rails/uploads folder grows with a lot of large tar.gz files.Most of them are in @hashed subfolder, and some in -/system/ subfolder. One of them in the gitlab-rails/uploads/-/system has been created by a user who was trying to clone a very large project. When doing it he crashed our gitlab server due to a file system full. We add more space to the file system and he has be able to perform the operation. Unfortunately the file generated during the first attempts is still present on the server.

So my questions are:
1 - Can I remove safely this file ?
2 - Can I run a command who will identify all such files in the gitlab-rails/uploads folder ?

Best regards,

Didier C