The issue event is not triggered when the time tracking is updated

Hello to all,

I have set up a webhook for the issues that works well when modifying the issues except for time tracking.

If I update the time tracking from the comment area with the /spend command, the event is triggered but if I do it from the “toolbar” on the right, the time is updated but the update doesn’t trigger an issue event.

Has anyone had this problem before? I prefer to ask before creating an issue.

Thanks to you

I have the same issue (Self hosted, community edition, 15.9). Do you have any update on this?


I haven’t heard anything yet.

I’ll check if an issue has been created in the meantime and if not I’ll do it if I find the time :face_with_monocle:

thanks. If you don’t find the time, I can do it as well

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Feel free if you can, I’ve never made an issue yet.


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It’s perfect, thanks.