The Job is stuck because you don't have any active runners

Hello all,

I have this error when running a pipeline: This job is stuck, because the project doesn’t have any runners online assigned to it. Anyone can help me ?

On my runners page I can see my specific runner (shared runner are disabled).

Here is the description page :

Here is my gitlab-ci

    stage: deploy
    environment: staging
        - cd /home/gitlab-runner/deploy
        - git pull
        - /home/gitlab-runner/.composer/vendor/bin/envoy run deploy_cleanup --project=hub
        - cd /var/www/beamy/hub/current
        - php artisan config:clear
        - php artisan beamy:migrate
        - npm install
        - npm run prod
        - dev
        - staging

Update : since today, when I create a pipeline, there is no tag attached to it. It worked fine yesterday (november 10 2018).

I’m getting the exact same problem

I’m seeing this problem as well. Tags are fine and self hosted runner, stuck on pending.

Untagged runners still process fine so something is definitely changed with the handling of tagged jobs over the weekend.

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Yeah I am also seeing a similar issue, I believe.

I have a two job - two stage pipeline and the first job is able to run on my runner as expected but the second job is stalled looking for a runner. It should be using the same runner.

I am using my own runner with shared runners disabled.

For example here I have stopped my runner and triggered the pipeline, both jobs are created and pending as expected but only one is being tagged.

After starting the runner the tagged job is completed while the other is still untagged and pending.

@storm23 This is caused by an 11.5 regression and there’s an open issue for it here. A patch was deployed so it should be fixed shortly. Sorry for the trouble!

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@Tristan Thank you for the info.


I got the same trouble too. I try to remove the value environment but still pending.

@nhungredweb, since this thread was related to a regression that has since been fixed we’d recommend creating a new thread with all of the pertinent details for your case so that you can get proper assistance if you’re also running into this problem.

I’m seeing the exact same problem reported by @storm23 in version 11.10.4-ee.
All jobs get stuck with message This job is stuck because the project doesn't have any runners online assigned to it. Go to Runners page..

However, in “Settings > CI / CD > Runners > Runners activated for this project” I can see the runner that I registered manually for the project with the green circle there saying it’s online.

There is a setting on runner to run untagged jobs which is disabled by default. This does the trick.


Thank you!