"The requested scope is invalid, unknown, or malformed" when logging in to gitlab

Hi Folks,
Starting this morning, when trying to authenticate in to our gitlab instance, we get the following error: “The requested scope is invalid, unknown, or malformed”. This doesn’t stop us from being logged in to gitlab, but mattermost is the real issue - when using gitlab credentials to log in, we get the same error and cannot be redirected to mattermost, either through the browser or the client. Any help here is appreciated - we’re running on version 11.9.7

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For anyone running in to this problem, we were able to solve this editing applications > edit gitlab mattermost > check both “trusted” and “api”


@jeanluclariviere First off: Welcome! :tada: I noticed this is your first post in our forum, and I am glad you’re here.

Secondly: Thanks for coming back after your original post to share with the community how you were able to solve this! I am sure it will help others in the future. Let us know what else you need.