There is no command for migration to hashed storage in 16.7.3

I upgraded Gitlab to 16.7.3 from 16.1.1.

I enter command
sudo gitlab-rake gitlab:check SANITIZE=true
and I see that I have projects with legacy storage.

Is authorized keys file accessible? ... yes
GitLab configured to store new projects in hashed storage? ... yes
All projects are in hashed storage? ... no
  Try fixing it:
  Please migrate all projects to hashed storage
  as legacy storage is deprecated in 13.0 and support will be removed in 14.0.
  For more information see:

In 16.1.1 and 16.3.7 I could find the project that I should migrate to hashed storage:
sudo gitlab-rake gitlab:storage:list_legacy_projects

And I could enable migration schedule:
sudo gitlab-rake gitlab:storage:migrate_to_hashed

In Gitlab 16.7.3 the last two commands don’t work:

$ sudo gitlab-rake gitlab:storage:list_legacy_projects
rake aborted!
Don't know how to build task 'gitlab:storage:list_legacy_projects' (See the list of available tasks with `rake --tasks`)
Did you mean?  gitlab:seed:ci_catalog_resources
/opt/gitlab/embedded/bin/bundle:25:in `load'
/opt/gitlab/embedded/bin/bundle:25:in `<main>'
(See full trace by running task with --trace)

And I can’t open page with documentation: Redirecting...

And there is no command in the list of rake commands:

$ sudo gitlab-rake -vT | grep legacy
rake gitlab:db:migration_testing:sample_batched_background_migrations[database,duration_s]          # Sample batched background migrations with instrumentation (legacy)
rake gitlab:db:truncate_legacy_tables:ci[min_batch_size]                                            # GitLab | DB | Truncate Main Tables on CI
rake gitlab:db:truncate_legacy_tables:main[min_batch_size]                                          # GitLab | DB | Truncate CI Tables on Main

As I remember I have only one legacy project with id 801. But how can I migrate it to hashed storage now?

I found how to migrate to hashed storage for one project:
Go to project, Settings→ General.
Expand Advanced.
In the Change path text box, edit the path to some other path and then edit it second time to the previous path.