Time of MR Approval in API

API endpoint that provides the time a MR has been approved

I’m working on extracting GitLab data through Meltano for analytics purposes. We need a way of knowing when a MR has been approved, which I can not find in any of the MR-related API endpoints…

Here’s a couple, none of which have this data point:

Obviously, this timestamp exists somewhere, as it’s shown on the MR timeline. Any pointers on where we could find the timestamp of a MR approval would be greatly appreciated!


Hi @sakce

I think you are right, this information isn’t available via the API. I would expect it to be here in the approved_by array of that JSON, but clearly not.

There is an issue up here requesting this feature. The more people upvote the issue the more likely it is to be resolved (or you could always submit an MR yourself). So please do upvote it and leave a comment about your use case.