Time spent in issues by label

In knowing the comparative time spent on issues of different types, for example:
for a month, how much time was spent on bug labeled issues as compared to story labeled issues.

there are other workflows I’d like to track, for example: triage to one of story, bug, wontfix, duplicate, … these are rather important for when I’m tracking response times and cycle times for contractual SLA purposes.

While I’d like to just be able to click some button and see this, I am also willing to write a script to pull the data and dump it to something else.

Hi @yarbelk if a paid add-on is an option, you can take a look at the Screenful Dashboard for GitLab which can report at least some of these out-of-the-box. For example, the Completed Tasks report shows the work done per label:

Here’s a link to the live demo using data from the GitLab Runner project: https://app.screenful.me/share/dca2613d