Time Tracking

https://docs.gitlab.com/ce/workflow/time_tracking.html says “Data about time tracking is shown on the issue/merge request sidebar, as shown below.”

I cannot find this information or the sidebar.

Can someone tell me where this information is or how to get access to the information?

gitlab-ce 9.3.6-ce.0


If you are on a smaller screen, the sidebar may be collapsed. Look for a “double chevron” arrow on the right edge of the screen pointing to the left.

Here is what the sidebar looks like when it is expanded:

Note that the double chevron is now pointing to the right. Clicking it again will collapse the sidebar.

The fourth section is called “Time tracking”. On this issue, it is empty. Here is an example with tracked time:

Any way to show all time for a Milestone?

That just shows the time for that issue?

The feature does the basics for now, that is set times per issue. There’s no way to do what you need for the moment.