Timeout Issue with LDAP

We have enabled LDAP for our gitlab community edition install. Our problem is that we have to login twice, the first time we login we ALWAYS get the “connection dropped by peer” message, but the second time we login, it talks to our AD just fine.

We noticed that if we setup a cron for: gitlab-rake gitlab:ldap:check and run that once a minute, we NEVER get the connection dropped by peer message.

Its like gitlab has to talk with Active Directory constantly, or it will lose the connection and we will get the “connection dropped by peer” message. We have many other services that authenticate with active directory with no issues. I am unsure where to begin troubleshooting as this is my first time installing Gitlab. gitlab-ctl tail doesnt provide me with anything more than the error message we get when we try to login gives us. I’ve followed everything google searching has to offer so I figured I would turn to the experts :slight_smile: . thank you!

Sounds like a general IT configuration issue. Might want to get your IT guy to study the connection to your LDAP server. If your LDAP server is DROPPING the connection there’s nothing you can do on your side to make that not happen. The fix is on the LDAP server side. If the client side is forcing a drop due to a client side firewall issue, then it’s your firewall on your Gitlab Linux vm.

Is your LDAP server a Windows Active Directory domain server, or a unix/Linux LDAP server?

What Linux version are you running Gitlab on, and have you tried bringing down its firewall service to see if the issue goes away?

Thanks Warren!

Yes it is a windows active directory server, we are running gitlab on ubuntu 16.04.1 everything is up to date and firewall is disabled.

The gitlab server has 4 gigs ram and 4 vCPU’s hosted on an ESXI server we have in office.

Ill talk with the guy who manages our LDAP server again, and see what he says. I was leaning towards it being an issue on that end as well, but I dont know enough about LDAP to prove it out. He just kept coming back at me with “our other services dont have these issues.”

I am facing the same issue. Once i try to login from LDAP it redirects to 502 page but, I can easily login from Standard tab.

Gitlab: 8.16.3
Gitlab Shell: 4.1.1

Please help me.