To-Do List gets "spammed" with approver notifications


I need some help with the following annoyance.

The “To-Do List” is quite a nice feature.

However, I get many notifications of the sort “Mr. XY set you as an approver for merge request YZ”, even though I am not explicitly assigned as a reviewer/approver in most merge request for which I get this notification for.

Is there a way to tell Gitlab to stop doing so?

Well, I do want to get a notification when someone explicitly assigns me as a reviewer, but I don’t need these notification only because I happen to generally be allowed to approve. Can this behaviour be configured or influenced somehow?

Since I am not interested in most merge requests that are generated in our projects, these notifications effektively work as spam, thus rendering the “To-Do List” unusable for me. Many of my colleagues feel the same.

Any help is highly appericiated.

Thanks in advance.

Best regerds