Translation No Longer Working on Gitlab-CE 11.6.3

Thank you in advance for reading.

My organization utilizes English translations (gitlab.pot and en/gitlab.po) to make Gitlab’s verbiage match those of our organization’s - this is primarily around projects as in our organization a “project” would encompass many data feeds. With the last two updates I noticed that despite having values in gitlab.pot such as the entry below, the original text was still appearing after re-configuring and restarting gitlab-ce.

msgid "Your projects"
msgstr "Your data feed"   

The only other change that has been made was chown 775 on the /locale directory which is otherwise owned by root:root

Any ideas on what could be causing translations to break / is it a permission issue?

EDIT: On another instance without any permission changes to the locale directory I am seeing the same behavior - did translations break with the latest versions?

I want to address this again as I have even changed the translation to something like “spanish” and there are no visible changes to my gitlab page. Are translations completely broken as of ~11.6.3? I’m currently running 11.8.1 and am still seeing this broken behavior. Can anyone confirm if they are able to get translations working on any version >11.6.3?


I found that gitlab-rake gettext:find and gettext:pack were failing and this appeared to be true for both of my instances running 11.6.3+. When run manually I found there were several dependencies that were missing and I ended up having to install npm and several modules that it complained were missing. Once manually installing these dependencies and running gitlab-rake gettext:find and gettext:pack, my changes to the translation files were reflected in the UI. I’m not sure if this is an issue with the gitlab-ce package on the default ubuntu repos or if something else has caused this but if you are experiencing similar issues when updating or creating new translations, perhaps this will help

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