Trigger gitlab repository check for failed checks without gitlab admin UI

Hi together,

I have a question about performing the gitlab repository check. According to the docs, you can re-trigger it via the UI for the projects where it failed. Is there a way to trigger exactly this repository check via the commandline, or the rails-console?

Docs: Repository checks | GitLab

The way to initiate the check with “git fsck” does not bring any change in the failed checks listed in the Ui. (Repository checks | GitLab)

Example procedure to reproduce:

  • A repository check for Project XY fails and is listed in the admin UI.
  • on the server a garbage collect + git prune is performed for project XY followed by git fsck
  • in the UI the check for project XY is still shown as failed
  • A click in the Admin UI on Trigger Repository Check starts the check again
  • The check is successful

Is there another way to trigger the repository check that is executed by the click in the UI? Command Line or Rails Console?

We use Gitlab Omnibus in GitLab Community Edition 14.10.4.

Thank you very much!