Trigger Tag creation in multi-project pipeline such that tag pipeline is connected to triggering pipeline

How to trigger a new tag and include the resulting pipeline in a multi-project pipeline

I have the following issue (a bit simplified):

There are two projects. When one project builds a tag, I want to automatically create a tag in another project. I’d like to have the second pipeline connected to the first. Ideally such that the combined pipeline shows up as a multi-project pipeline such that all the steps are visible in the first pipeline. But at least a link the the second pipeline would be nice.

I know of multi-project pipelines, but all triggers seem to only be capable of triggering a pipeline for a branch already existing, not creating new branches/tags. If I trigger a pipeline on a regular branch that could then create a tag, but there is also no tag creation step in a pipeline that would directly incorporate the tag pipeline into the pipeline that triggered the creation.

I’ve also looked into the release API. Same problem here, I can remotely trigger the creation of the tag by calling the release API via curl, but both pipelines won’t be connected in any way. The job to create the release will even show success when the pipeline triggered by creating the tag through this api call fails.

Is there any way to achieve this such that the pipelines are linked? If not where could I put a feature request?

For a more concrete usage example: Let’s say I have an application repository and a configuration repository and once the application is tagged I want to build a tag that combines configuration with application in a deployment tag.

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