Triggering a new branch creation in another project

I have a product that comprises several projects, all help in GitLab. I would like to try and simplify my deployment process but automatically triggering new release branches in all other projects from one ‘master’ project.
My deployment is to a physical device using OPKG packages. I can see how to trigger pipelines, but what is the best way to:

  • increment the version number in a project
  • create a new release branch
  • build and deploy the new version (OPKG packages are FTP’s to our own deployment server)
    We are using semver.

Many thanks,


Hi Stuart,
hope you get any insight on this.
I’m trying to do something on these lines.
The version number increment, I can think a simple script with sed /cur_version/new_version can do.
Create a new release branch, that is something I’m working on, and I plan to use a specific job in the pipeline, triggered by a project where when I commit a version file, for example, will execute the job which create the new branch using the version inside the file.
Upload package is relative to your project, in my case I will use gradle to do it. In your case a simple bash script could do the job.
What are your thoughts?
Best regards,