Trouble when installing letsencrypt certificate on GitLab-ce container

I have found my issue on the documentation of gitlab but no solution is given…

Your domain’s Certification Authority Authorization (CAA) record does not allow Let’s Encrypt to issue a certificate for your domain. Look for the following error in the reconfigure output:

letsencrypt::http_authorization line 5
 had an error: RuntimeError: acme_certificate[staging]   
/opt/gitlab/embedded/cookbooks/cache/cookbooks/letsencrypt/resources/certificate.rb line 25)

 had an error: RuntimeError: ruby_block[create certificate for] 
/opt/gitlab/embedded/cookbooks/cache/cookbooks/acme/resources/certificate.rb line 108
 had an error: RuntimeError:] Validation failed, unable to request certificate

What can i do in Oder to have GitLab.subdomainname in https ?

Thanks for answers


Since this is a problem with the certificate authority or host, you’ll need to ask them to allow automatic certificate installation, so there isn’t specific advice to be added there. You can also try the Let’s Debug tool linked in the Troubleshooting Let’s Encrypt section of the docs to get more details.

Alternatively you can try running certbot manually rather than using the integration.