Try GitLab Starter for free


is it possible to (just) try GitLab Starter risk-free for 30 days?
We just need Starter features and want to compare Core and Starter

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I don’t think we can try GitLab Starter for 30 days via online sign-up. But you might try to ask Sales about downgrading your trial via GitLab Support.

Note: I did 30-day GitLab Enterprise Edition Ultimate (EEU) and then introduced Ultimate (EEU) previously.

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@tfauseweh Yes you can try GitLab Starter / Premium / Ultimate / Bronze / Silver / Gold for 30 days. You may contact me and I help you to get the trial license you need.

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@Noa that would be really nice. I’ve sent an email to sales but there is no answer yet.
I’ll need a trial license for Gitlab Starter.

Leave me your email and I help you get a trial license

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How to try GitLab Starter or dwongrade ma current trial licence? Who can do that ?

Hi @msasin, yes we can, I think. Were you in time for a new tiering?