Trying to create an integration tool


I’m trying to create an integration tool using PHP, but I don’t want to use the API. I have my own website and I just want to be able to create user accounts when a user signs up for an account on my website. This should trigger the integration tool to talk with my Gitlab server and create the appropriate user account. I’m not trying to use the API because it requires the user to be logged in to authenticate and also have an account. That wouldn’t make sense because I’m trying to do this on the user creation page on my website.

So my question is, what are the fields that are required to create a proper user? I’ve been able to successfully create an account using my integration method, but for some reason it’ll throw me a 404 error page whenever I try to view or edit the user even though the user exists and I’m suspecting it’s because the user account isn’t linked properly when it’s being created. So what are the tables/fields that are the users table constraints? I know routes and namespaces are 2 of them.

I actually figured out why I was getting those 404 and 500 error pages. It’s because my integration script was inserting null values into fields that should have been emptied. I fixed that and now have a working integration tool that creates user accounts outside of Gitlab.

My last question unrelated to this topic is, how does Gitlab set cookies and does Gitlab insert data into the database using those values/and or cookie names? I want to auto log the user into their Gitlab account by setting the proper cookies when they log into my website. The cookies would be set on my website’s login page. So I’m basically trying to write an SSO script to integrate both my own website’s user accounts into Gitlab’s user accounts. I just need to know what values are stored inside _gitlab_session and known_sign_in. I can generate those cookies in PHP with the proper values.


I’m still looking for a solution.

Hello please. I would like to get some information please. I’m trying to build my own intergration using PHP so please, someone help.