Trying to import a project into, error about "access levels"

We recently upgraded our self-hosted GitLab CE to 10.0, which just released, because of an incompatible change to the import/export feature. The process was working, finally, but we still got an error.

The repository could not be imported.

Error importing repository  into example/example - Failed 
to replace protected_branches because one or more of the 
new records could not be saved. Merge access levels group 
must be blank Push access levels group must be blank

I double-checked and, while we do use protected branches, it’s only set on master and the role is “Masters”, which exists on, too. In fact, we seem to have all of the default project roles.

I’m not sure what my next move is, help!

Sounds like you’re trying to import a repo into an existing repo. I’d import it as a name then do the work locally to merge it into the existing repo - if that’s what you’re really trying to do.