Trying to import from Bitbucket Cloud but receiving 500 page status

Hi there!

Since yesterday we are trying to import our last projects from Bitbucket Cloud. However whenever we try to do to so we get redirected to bitbucket/status with 500 status page showing up.

I’ve tried to revoke the oauth token and re authenticate but then the same thing happens. My other colleagues have the same problem.

Our pipeline quota has exceeded the maximum amount. Might this be the issue? Seems strange we would get a 500 error page for that though.

Anybody have any idea what could be happening?

Same issue on my end : connecting/disconnecting, removing/adding OAuth does not work, GitLab seems not to be able to connect to BitBbucket Cloud anymore.

I’m seeing the same. I just signed up for a Gitlab account and am getting a 500 error when trying to connect to Bitbucket.

Issue was made on Gitlab. Contribute with a comment :wink: