Trying to track down where this name is defined so I can change it


I’m trying to track down where this user (Joe Bloggs) is defined within our privately hosted GitLab (v12.8.7). If I hover over the user it just displays their email address. I’ve looked within the users table in Postgres, but the user does not exist.
select * from users where email=‘’;

This GitLab user is used by Jenkins - I’ve looked in Jenkins and there is nothing mentioning “Joe Bloggs” for the corresponding user.

It’s worth mentioning that when clicking on “Joe Bloggs” it’s just a - where as the other user “Franky Boy” opens a proper user profile page… hinting that “Joe Bloggs” has been archived maybe… but where is that info stored?

It’s clearly storing this user somewhere, I just cannot find where… any help would be appreciated.

Hi, this is not a Gitlab user, since you cannot visit it.

It’s only the user / email configured to commit to git: somewhere, probably on your Jenkins instance, you have git configured to use such name / email when committing.

FYI, it is the standard name in UK to highlight a test-taker:

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Thanks for replying - I changed the real name to Joe Bloggs to anonymise.

Just so I understand: when the Jenkins is doing its “git” actions, it has “Joe Bloggs” setup as it’s and

FIXED: For anyone wanting to know:

look at “git config --list” on whatever is doing the git actions - thanks @rpadovani