Twitter post incorrect, and linked to incorrect information

Your post on Twitter announced the release of GitLab 12.10.5 and 12.9.7. Checking my CE install, it said it was at 12.10.6 already. Clicking the link in the twitter post took me to a release page for 12.10.5 ( Following the link “back to releases” showed a page with 12.10.6 at the top of the list, but clicking on that link took me again to the 12.10.5 page. This latter break has now been corrected.
I raised the issue and was asked to post about it here.
It would be helpful for tweets to be timely and accurate. Either the tweet for 12.10.5 was posted after 12.10.6 had come out, or the tweet for 12.10.6 was mangled. Either way, it doesn’t build confidence or reputation.


thanks for noticing and sorry for the confusion this has caused. We’ll do our best to coordinate releases & their announcements asynchronously - but we’re humans, so please report any future errors, thanks :slight_smile: