Two different ip address on gitla-ce ubuntu 18.04

Hi everyone, installed gitlab-ce on ubuntu 18.04 we have two network cards one is 192.168.1.X and another one is 192.168.2.X with 192.168.1.X its working fine if i wanna use 192.168.2.X in different network i’m able to access the page but while cloning the git it shows me 192.168.1.X insted of 192.168.2.X thanks

sorry for my bad english.

The address used to access GitLab’s web interface and clone git repositories is usually determined by the instance’s external_url as configured in /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb

external_url ""
# or
external_url "http://<ip_address>"

Can you verify what IP address is being used for GItLab’s external_url?

I expect it would be either http://192.168.2.X or http://192.168.1.X, but it cannot be configured to use both on a single machine.

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single system with dual network cards we can do it, long back we have done some modifications on gitlab.yml at that time it started working fine but after upgrading to new version on linux system we forgotten what modification has been done in gitlab.yml.