Two same packages listed: gitlab-ee-16.9.5-ee.O.amazon2.x86_64.rpm in

we are running a selfhosted GitLab and there are two Packages for ‘gitlab-ee-16.9.5-ee.0.amazon2.’ and amazon/2 in gitlab-ee listed: ( Packagecloud)

the issue is yum install will get the result of two same version for installation (see attached picture)
it’s essential to run a save & secure update of our GitLab.
I would not like even to role back our database, it’s just to prevent unnecessary work to fix a broken update.
Here are some more reasons to retrieve proper package list:
1. Duplicate package names can lead to conflicts when YUM attempts to install them. It is essential to ensure that package names are unique to avoid unexpected behaviours.
2. Missing dependencies: If a package exists in duplicate, it can cause issues with dependencies. YUM might struggle to identify the correct dependencies for the duplicated package.

Problem to solve ?

How can double names removed on packagecloud?

Steps to reproduce



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