Typo in email while registering


I tried to ask GitLab support and on Reddit without much luck. So I try here.

I made typo while registering account which I will use for work.
Me and our colleagues found a way how to align usernames here with what we use in different systems and we registered them.
The only problem is, I made typo in my email in domain part. And there is no way how to change it now. There is no way how to reregister username. I even got to the point of filling dialog for deleting my account. And yes, you guessed it. It requires confirmation from the email. Confirmation from non existing email same as registration now does.
I really like to have the username which I registered.
I am aware I can register different one and it is last resort for me, so please do not suggest me this.

Does anybody know the way how to delete my account which nobody can log into and there is non valid email connected with it?
Is there way to contact somebody from support outside of ticketing system?
I already made ticket, but I got reply they do not handle this. Gave me some hints, that did not work.

There just have to be somebody who can either edit the email or delete the account.


Nobody here can help you with it since we are just community members. Assuming you mean you registered on gitlab.com, then you need the Gitlab Team to sort it out for you which means opening a ticket here: https://support.gitlab.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=360000803379

That is link direct to user account issues. If you again get a reply that they do not handle it, then you know the answer. Register a new account providing the correct details and make sure there are no typo’s.


I hope this will be finally correct ticketing system. It looks different to one I have submited ticket to.