Unable to configure manual users/groups


We are using gitlab-ce on centos-7.2 : (gitlab-ce-8.10.0-ce.1.el7.x86_64).
We wanted to use manual users(AD users) to configure gitlab instead of default gitlab users.
Made all the required changes and reconfigured sucessfully.
But noticed 502 error while accessing the URL.

Gituser code : /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb

user[‘username’] = “gituser”
user[‘uid’] = 10236
user[‘group’] = “git”
user[‘gid’] = 3615

But when we do gitlab config check, why it is expecting same user and group(gituser) names?
Or we missed any config changes… please help me to fix this issue.

id gituser

uid=10236(gituser) gid=3615(git) groups=3615(git)

Error :

gitlab-rake gitlab:check

Repo paths owned by gituser:gituser?
default… no
User id for gituser: 10236. Groupd id for gituser: group gituser doesn’t exist
Try fixing it:
sudo chown -R gituser:gituser /var/opt/gitlab/git-data/repositories