Unable to connect via SSH (7.13.5 on Centos 7)


I’m running Gitlab 7.13.5 omnibus on Centos 7.I am unable to connect to the repository over SSH. It works perfectly on HTTPS, so pretty sure the problem is on my end.I am using Netbeans Git module to connect and getting a “incorrect credentials”

  • I have my public key setup on my Gitlab user account.
  • The folder /var/opt/gitlab/.ssh has been set to 700 as well as the authorized_keys within the same folder.

The credentials I use to try and connect is:

  • URL: Provided by Gitlab for that repo (git@host:namespace/project)
  • Username: My own username I use to login to gitlab. It’s also the same username as my SSH account.
  • Private Key: I am using Windows / Putty and generated the key with Puttygen. I have also exported my private key as an OpenSSL key but irrespective which one I use, I get the same output.

I am happy to try and connect via CLI or any happy to provide any info where needed.

Thank you!